OMG! This day came up so fast!

Do you know what today is?! It’s my 1-year big chop anniversary *in my Tony Toni Tone voice* One year ago, today, I said hell with my relaxed ends and never looked back. Today, I’m so happy with the current state of my hair! I’ve learned a TON during this short year, so I’m happy to spread any wisdom, tips, tricks that I can.


So in honor of bomb results, here we go!


I always get the “growth” hair question. Many girls want to cut off their relaxed ends, but are afraid that their hair won’t grow quickly. This is a MYTH, sis. If you feed your hair what it needs (i.e. keeping it moisturized AT ALL TIMES, washing/deep conditioning regularly, trimming off dead ends) TRUST ME, it’ll grow.

This is also coming from the girl whose cut her hair a thousand times, a thousand different ways. In 2014, I shaved the side of my head because my edges were suffering and then had the nerve to put in a box dye. Four years later, this is what my hair looks like. So believe me when I say, trust in the growth capabilities and most importantly, have patience.



Everyone close to me knows that I’m the queen of protective styles (I even have senegalese twists in as I type). Protective styles are also crucial to hair growth, because it simply allows you to keep your hands out of your head. Tons of day-to-day manipulation can also cause breakage, so I always highly suggest protective styles (this includes wigs, sis!)


A natural hair regimen is simply a routine of how you manage your hair. After you cut off your relaxed hair, you’ll need to get to know your hair all over again – yep, how it naturally grows from your scalp. I don’t really have a defined regimen, but there are a few things I do that I’ll share:

  • Washing (shampoo-ing/conditioning) your hair regularly is important. I just do it whenever I feel like my hair is dirty, I have a lot of product build-up, my scalp feels itchy, etc.
  • Deep conditioning 1-2 times a month is a MUST! I made this mistake of never deep conditioning, and when I finally went to the hair dresser, she said “You definitely need a trim, you have a lot of split ends.” I was shook! I didn’t realize the importance, but it will help preserve your ends, maintain moisture and a host of other things!
  • My stylist recommended that I do the L.O.C. method, which stands for Leave-In, Oil, Cream. This a good technique for keeping your hair moisturized. It consists of hydrating the hair with water, or a water-based product (your liquid), sealing in the moisture with oil, and then applying a cream product to close the hair cuticle to prevent hair loss.


I’m not a product junkie by any means, and I’m very selective. I will read reviews on a product over and over again before I actually purchase anything. Listed below are a few of my favorites that work well on my hair (these all were also suggested by my wonderful hair stylist, Traci :))

Kinky-Curly Come Clean: A great clarifying shampoo that removes dirt, product build-up etc.

TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Deep Conditioner: LOVE this stuff! It leaves my hair incredibly soft and the smell is amazing (also black-owned!)

Kinky-Curly Knot Today: I apply this leave-in after I wash and condition. I use it so much that I’m almost out. 😦

My favorite oils to use are tea tree oil and olive oil. I usually dump them all into a spray bottle and work it through my hair strands accordingly.

Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting Butter: HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT! I absolutely love using this for twist/braid-outs. The smell is amazing, doesn’t leave my hair flaky or crunchy and it leaves my hair ultra soft (also black-owned!)

I’m not really a gel girl, but I do use the clear eco-styler gel to lay down my edges. Another holy grail product.

Well there you have it my fellow naturalistas! If you have any specific questions on my hair journey, products, how-to’s, etc don’t hesitate to ask. We’re all learning together. πŸ™‚

Xoxo, Lisee



As a naturalista, we all know with wins also comes many L’s. I’m convinced I have more L’s than wins when styling my hair – so this section will be dedicated to broadcasting my hair wins, because when I’m feeling myself you guys should too, right?!!

This was twist-out I did a few weeks ago that came out BOMB!


How I did it:

I did a bunch of mini 2-strand twists and I used the Camille Rose Almond Twisting Butter as my styling product (and water of course). I left the mini twists in for about 2 full days, and took them down on day 3. I put a little oil on my fingertips and kept separated the twists individually until the all were taken down. I also took my good ole’ handy pick and fluffed at my roots for additionally volume and WAHLA! That’s a bomb a$$ twist-out!


This is my personal visual representation of struggling hair versus healthy hair.

The pic on the left was taken in Dec. 2016. That was my silk press during my transitioning stage. The pic on the right was taken Nov. 2017, and was my first silk press since Dec. 2016. Even with color, you can tell how much fuller and healthy my hair looks.


Okay, so now that you’re impressed and everything – what’s my secret to healthy colored hair? My #1 advice is you HAVE to feed your mane what it needs. Keeping your hair moisturized is always the first step. I mainly take use of water and oils in a spray bottle and I use it allllll the time. As soon as my hair feels dry, brittle, anything – I run to the spray bottle.

Also, protective styling. Wigs, braids of any sort, twists, anything low-manipulation where your hands aren’t constantly in your head is also a major key.

Take care of your hair, feed it what it needs, and sit back and watch how full and healthy it becomes. FACTS!

IS YOUR HAIR STILL “NATURAL” IF IT’S COLORED??? (plus deets on my hair color)

Lawd. I didn’t even know this was a real argument until recently. But like I said in previous posts, the natural hair community can be really *whispers* crazy af.

Bu since this is a real debate I welcome a little controversy and I love throwing in my 2 cents so… here it is.

YES. I think so. Why? Because it’s YOUR hair and I you do whatever the hell you want to it. This is our problem, we police silly things entirely too much. In my opinion, I’m not chemically straightening my hair but instead chemically adding life into it lol.

I have always loved my hair but I felt so dead and dull with black hair. I’m a vibrant person and I need some POP! So, I decided to color my hair last month.

Was I scared? Hell nah. More so excited as hell. Call me a rebel, fake natural, or whatever but I needed that pop. Everyone is also always buzzing about “hair porosity type” and I think mine is normal and my stylist did too. My hair took VERY WELL to the color. I felt presidential af after my hair appointment lol.

Here’s another pic of how it looked if ya’ll missed it in my previous post:


Anywho, my appointment went really well and as you can see I was CLEARLY feeling myself. So far, I haven’t experienced any abnormal breakage or dryness, but then again I think I have good hair maintenance (I think you have to anyway if you want to color your hair). But I also noticed something else. My hair texture drastically changed for the BETTER. After I cut off the rest of my relaxed ends, my hair was super curly in the back and straight af in the front. I thought I had fucked something up or something because it was super weird. However, after my appointment, I noticed my entire head was now curling up the same way. I was like “MAMAAAAA I MADE IT!” Lol. Those inconsistent textures were annoying as hell.

But that was my 2 cents. My overall point is: even if you don’t consider women who color their hair “natural” – why do you even care that much? It’s HAIR. Let them live sis. It’s definitely a choice and you shouldn’t choose to judge someone for it. Ya’ll already give relaxed girls a hard enough time as it is, got them regretting life decisions nsht lol.

But I’m done. What are you guys opinions on this? Let’s hear it – comment below!

Xoxo, ~ NaturallyLisee






If you’re a member of the natural hair community, you know that natural hair gurus can be EVIL! There’s all these rules on what you should and shouldn’t do to your hair and it can be stressful af if you’re just starting your natural hair journey. The good thing is, everyone’s hair is different and its best to do what works for you.

Here’s 5 natural hair rules that I broke (and continue to break) to this day. Don’t yell it out to the world though, I don’t want any fro sistas coming for me lol!


Yep, I don’t use any oils in my hair anymore. I read a lot of articles, blog forums, etc. from day-to-day, and I realized oils can do more harm than good – especially when you aren’t clarifying your hair regularly.


On wash days, I use a regular towel. It actually may even be 100% cotton. Sue me.



Girls on Youtube be doing the absolute most with their “wash day routines.” It doesn’t take me hours to wash my hair. I hop in the shower, shampoo and condition, wash my body, get out, apply my leave-in, put it in twists or a puff and go about my day. That simple lol. I don’t wash my hair in “sections” either. Fawk. Dat.


Look. While transitioning and even now as a full natural, I’ve seen a professional natural hair stylist MAYBE twice and that’s when I decided to let them trim my ends. If I see something looking dead and ratchet af on my own I’ll cut it, but I could have dead ass ends and not even know it lol.


Fried chicken (and chicken in general) is like 95% of my diet, no lie. The other 5% of that is complete bullsh*t. Would my hair be longer if I ate healthier? Maybe, maybe not.. but I may never know.

But like I mentioned before, do what works best for YOUR hair. That’s the beauty in black women, we’re not all built the same and our beauty takes on many forms. πŸ™‚

Comment below with any natural hair rules that you broke!

Xoxo, ~ NaturallyLisee

Easy transitioning styles

This post is for all my aspiring naturalistas who are about to give up on transitioning or think there’s no styles that can work with your relaxed ends. I’m here to tell you, hold on sis!

I feel like I’ve rambled on & on on how long I transitioned, so if you have any further questions on my journey – feel free to write me!

This post is for all my aspiring naturalistas who are about to give up on transitioning or think there’s no styles that can work with your relaxed ends. I’m here to tell you, hold on sis! There is and of course I have receipts.

1. Perm Rod Sets

I LOVED doing perm rod sets while I was transitioning. I love curls and these sets would have my hair soooo poppin. I can’t do them at the length my natural hair is at now, but when I get some inches back, I’ma get these sets back crackin’ again.


2. Flexi Rod Sets

Another one of my favs were flexi rod sets. I didn’t do these as often as other styles because they are a complete bitch to sleep in! Ugh. Neck will be on all kinds of swole. But they’re cute as hell when done the right way.


3. The Puff

Okay, I lied. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the puff. The easiest lazy b*tch style for naturalistas, but its also cute as hell. So I have to keep it real and let ya’ll know this puff wasn’t my real hair. I bought it from my local beauty supply store for like $12 bucks but it was so worth it. Nobody knew the difference and couldn’t nobody tell me I wasn’t PAWPIN.



4. Crochet styles

Sew-in who? Crochet is my shizzzz. It’s super easy to do, low maintenance and cute as hell! I sat my ass on Youtube one day and figured out how to do a crochet style myself and it came out bomb (as pictured in the blue Cubs shirt).


Also, wigs but I don’t have to go in-depth because ya’ll already knew that. πŸ˜‰

If you transitioned, what were your go-to styles? Comment below!

~ NaturallyLisee



Big chop vs. transitioning

I was actually terrified to do a big chop. I just kept thinking I would end up looking like this:


No shade. There’s nothing wrong with having a mini-fro, but that just wasn’t the move for me. I personally, didn’t see the need to big chop right away. When I first realized that I was forreal, forreal going to start my natural hair journey, I was already a wig-a-holic at that point, so I just kept wigging it out and leaving my hair alone. Of course, I would wash and moisturize it regularly, but for the most part my hair would remain in Bow Wow cornrows, since that’s how I liked to wear my hair underneath my wigs.

I transitioned from December 2015 – March 2017. It was actually very easy for me because I utilized a variety of protective styles which included: wigs, box braids, senegalese twists, large twists, braid outs, fake buns/puffs, you name it. I also never used heat on my hair. I honestly couldn’t even tell you where my collection of flat irons are since I haven’t touched them in so long. During my transitioning period, I got my hair straightened and ends clipped once, and that was in January of 2017. That stylist actually slayed my hair, I still love how it looked.

unnamed (2).jpg

After I was protective styled out, I finally got to the point where I felt that a big chop was appropriate. I cut off the rest of my relaxed ends in March of 2017. I was super excited, however it took time to get used to my texture and find products that my hair liked (which I am still figuring out now).

FullSizeRender (2)

Dead ass how I looked after I big chopped. I still would find straight pieces daily that I would cut off. I would recommend seeing a stylist for a big chop versus doing it yourself LOL.

My advice would be, do what you think will work best for you. If you want to big chop right away and have a tiny fro like MJ, do you boo! There’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you want to give yourself time and utilize protective styling, I would say transitioning is a good route.

What option did you all take: big chopping or transitioning? Comment below!

Xoxo ~ NaturallyLisee